5 Questions: Tenth Day of Christmas

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What future action film star played a gang member in the 1974 low budget coming-of-age film The Lords of Flatbush?

Sylvester Stallone
Bruce Willis
Samuel L. Jackson
Chuck Norris
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Which of the following "love" songs was a U.S. Top 5 hit for the British band 10CC?

Love Stinks
Tainted Love
I'm Not in Love
Love Will Tear Us Apart
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What comic strip character exclaims "Leapin' lizards!" during times of excitement or stress?

Charlie Brown
Little Orphan Annie
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What other female gymnast besides Nadia Comaneci scored a perfect 10 at the 1976 Olympics?

Olga Korbut
Nellie Kim
Teodora Ungureanu
Ludmilla Tourischeva
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Which character on TV's South Park fronted a heavy metal band called The Lords of the Underworld?

Mr. Mackey