5 Questions: New Year's Eve!

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What brand of champagne is mentioned in the first line of Queen's 1975 hit "Killer Queen"?

Moet et Chandon
Dom Perignon
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Who took over the weekly countdown on the syndicated America's Top 40 radio program after Casey Kasem retired in 2004?

Rick Dees
John Tesh
Ryan Seacrest
Jim Ladd
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What talk show host is a proud graduate of Indiana's Ball State University?

Conan O'Brien
David Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Fallon
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What is the name of the musical cricket who is the title character in George Selden's Newbery Award-winning book The Cricket in Times Square?

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Which of the following phrases was Dick Clark's signature sign-off on his many TV and radio programs?

I'm Dick Clark, over and out.
Think nice thoughts.
For now, Dick Clark. So long.
Thanks a million.