5 Questions: Chicken Chains

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What group had a Top 10 U.S. hit in 1971 with their version of "Mr. Bojangles"?

Three Dog Night
The Undisputed Truth
Five Man Electrical Band
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
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What actor dressed as a chicken and handed out flyers for El Pollo Loco while awaiting his big show biz break?

Shia LeBeouf
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt
Ben Affleck
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What was the original name of Popeye's sworn enemy, Brutus, in cartoons made prior to 1960?

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Besides "The Gambler", which other Kenny Rogers hit single was turned into a movie which starred the singer?

Coward of the County
Islands in the Stream
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Who played Marshall Dillon's limping sidekick Chester on the long-running TV Western series Gunsmoke?

Dennis Weaver
James Garner
Rock Hudson
Jack Lord