5 Questions: Quiz "Cam" 2

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What U.S. President's campaign slogan was "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage"?

Woodrow Wilson
Herbert Hoover
Ronald Reagan
Calvin Coolidge
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What were the cowboys eating around the campfire in the famous gastric distress scene in the film Blazing Saddles?

Stuffed cabbage
Brussels sprouts
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What Academy Award-winning actress made a cameo appearance on the Luke-and-Laura Wedding episode of General Hospital?

Liza Minelli
Elizabeth Taylor
Katharine Hepburn
Sally Field
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News broadcaster John Cameron Swayze was the spokesman for what product for over 20 years?

Kodak film
Alpo dog food
Timex watches
Ray-O-Vac batteries
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Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia's ruling party from 1975 to 1979?

Pol Pot
U Thant
Sun Myung Moon
Kim Il-sung