5 Questions: Year of the Sheep

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What singer launched a fashion line called L.A.M.B. ("Love. Angel. Music. Baby.") in 2003?

Gwen Stefani
Jennifer Lopez
Shania Twain
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The leader of World War II's famous VMA-214 Black Sheep Squadron was known by what nickname?

Popeye Doyle
Papa Doc
Pop Warner
Pappy Boyington
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Which of the following Beatles songs was written by Paul McCartney for his Old English Sheepdog?

Dear Prudence
Martha My Dear
Eleanor Rigby
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What was the name of the cheerleading squad that supported the Los Angeles Rams (before the team moved to St. Louis)?

Lamp Chops
Big Horns
Embraceable Ewes
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Which member of the group did producers originally want to name "Wool Hat" on the TV series The Monkees?

Davy Jones
Peter Tork
Michael Nesmith
Micky Dolenz