5 Questions: "Tam" O'Shanter

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Prior to her remarriage to a building contractor in 1993, TV personality Tammy Faye Messner was best known as the wife of what televangelist?

Oral Roberts
Jim Bakker
Pat Robertson
Jimmy Swaggart
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What Ohio-based pop group had their sole Number One hit in 1967 with the bubblegum-ish "Green Tambourine"?

The Lemon Pipers
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Moby Grape
Wild Cherry
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Tamales are a traditional dinner item in Latino households for the meal consumed on what holiday?

Christmas Eve
Good Friday
New Year's Eve
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What was the first over-the-counter medicine in the U.S. to use tamper-resistant packaging?

Bayer Aspirin
Flintstone Vitamins
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Which future Friends star was the first person to say the word "period" in a tampon commercial (back in 1985)?

Jennifer Aniston
David Schwimmer
Courteney Cox
Matthew Perry