5 Questions: At "Whit"s End

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What country artist wrote and originally recorded Whitney Houston's Grammy Award-winning hit "I Will Always Love You"?

Loretta Lynn
Dolly Parton
Shania Twain
Reba McEntire
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Poet John Greenleaf Whittier was one of the co-founders of what literary and culture commentary periodical?

Harper's Magazine
Vanity Fair
The Atlantic
The Nation
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Redheaded child actor Johnny Whitaker played an orphan named "Jody" on what TV sitcom?

Family Affair
Family Ties
Family Matters
All in the Family
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Which of the following would be most likely to utilize Whittington chimes?

A grandfather clock
A symphony orchestra
An airplane cockpit
A hospital waiting room
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Actress/producer/director Whitney Blake is the mother of what TV (and frequent Lifetime movie) actress?

Judith Light
Donna Mills
Joanna Kerns
Meredith Baxter