5 Questions: Stubborn As A...

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Which of the following terms is another word for the style of shoe known as a "mule" but with an open toe?

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What veteran hoofer played Army Lieutenant Peter Sterling in a series of films that starred Francis the Talking Mule?

Donald O'Connor
Gene Kelly
Fred Astaire
Van Johnson
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What is added to vodka and lime juice to make the cocktail known as a Moscow Mule?

Sloe Gin
Triple Sec
Ginger beer
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What country music legend co-wrote "Mule Skinner Blues," which he originally titled "Blue Yodel #8"?

Roy Acuff
Jimmie Rodgers
Ernest Tubb
Red Foley
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Comedian Gary Mule Deer had a small role as "Man at Health Food Restaurant" in which Woody Allen film?

Annie Hall
Broadway Danny Rose