5 Questions: Kurt Gerard

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Kurt Warner was the quarterback for what NFL team when he won MVP awards in 1999 and 2001?

Atlanta Falcons
St. Louis Rams
Miami Dolphins
San Diego Chargers
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What actress portrayed the New Yorker who married Gerard Depardieu out of convenience in the 1990 romantic comedy Green Card?

Julia Roberts
Winona Ryder
Andie MacDowell
Laura san Giacomo
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What nutricious name did Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love bestow upon their daughter?

Apple Blythe
Frances Bean
Peaches Honeyblossom
Clementine Poppy
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What is the surname of Billy, the protagonist in Kurt Vonnegut's classic 1969 novel Slaughterhouse-Five?

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David Groh played a character named "Joe Gerard" on what Mary Tyler Moore Show spin-off?

Lou Grant
The Ted Knight Show