5 Questions: Keeping It Legal

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What future TV dad played the insurance agent who was taken in by Barbara Stanwyck's charms in the 1944 film noir Double Indemnity?

Fred MacMurray
Brian Keith
Robert Young
Andy Griffith
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What singer paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in the music video for her hit "Material Girl"?

Lady Gaga
Gwen Stefani
Britney Spears
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What was the code name used by the informant who provided information to reporters Woodward and Bernstein regarding the Watergate scandal?

Fritz the Cat
Deep Throat
Green Door
Miss Jones
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Besides a circle of stars, what object is the centerpiece of the Paramount Pictures logo?

Winged horse
Crescent moon
Spinning globe
Mountain peak
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What actor played time-traveling scientist Sam Beckett on the TV series Quantum Leap?

Dean Cain
Scott Bakula
Parker Stevenson 
Richard Dean Anderson