5 Questions: Bones That Ain't

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That sensation you get when you bump your "funny bone" is actually caused by a temporary injury to which of the following?

Cruciate ligament
Ulnar nerve
Plantaris muscle
Vagus nerve
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Which of the following songs was a Top 5 Billboard Pop Hit in 1974 for the Native American rock band Redbone?

Love's Theme
Feel Like Makin' Love
Come and Get Your Love
Love Will Keep Us Together
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British actor Basil Rathbone played what fictional character in 14 Hollywood films?

Sherlock Holmes
Charlie Chan
Hopalong Cassidy
James Bond
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In what classic film did Marilyn Monroe's character share a room with a female trombone player named Dolores?

The Seven Year Itch
Bus Stop
How to Marry a Millionaire
Some Like It Hot
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Bonefish, known as "the grey ghosts of the flats", are the premier game fish in which U.S. coastal state?