5 Questions: Three Stooges

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Manny, Moe and Jack are the founders of what retail automotive supply chain store?

Canadian Tire
Pep Boys
Auto Zone
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Who played the homeless con man (with a heart of gold) Bill Dancer in the 1991 romantic comedy Curly Sue?

Robin Williams
Chris O'Donnell
John Goodman
Jim Belushi
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Three-time MVP Larry Bird played his entire professional basketball career with which NBA team?

Atlanta Hawks
Philadelphia 76ers
Boston Celtics
New York Knicks
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During a wedding episode on TV's Roseanne, what recurring character's middle name was revealed to be "Shemp"?

Arnie Thomas
Leon Carp
David Healy
Fred Oakland
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By what name was the British equivalent of Hasbro's G.I. Joe "movable fighting man" known in the U.K.? 

Avenger Soldier
Action Man