5 Questions: "Knock" It Off

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"Come and knock on our door" is the first line to the theme song for what TV sitcom?

All in the Family
Three's Company
Welcome Back, Kotter
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It is believed that William Shakespeare authored the first knock-knock joke, which was featured in Act 2, Scene 3 of which of his plays?

Romeo and Juliet
King Lear
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In what Mel Brooks film did Gene Wilder admire the elaborate front door hardware by saying "What knockers!"?

Blazing Saddles
High Anxiety
Young Frankenstein
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
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What "one hit wonder" singer took her cover of Eddie Floyd's "Knock on Wood" to Number One on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1979?

Amii Stewart
Alicia Bridges
Evelyn "Champagne" King
Anita Ward
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What long-running Broadway musical featured the song "It's the Hard Knock Life"?

A Chorus Line
The Wiz