5 Questions: Remember "Wen"

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What color are the bows in the girl's braids in the Wendy's (hamburger chain) logo?

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Cheers actor George Wendt was featured in the music video for what Michael Jackson hit?

Beat It
Man in the Mirror
Black or White
Remember the Time
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To what Democratic candidate did Republican nominee Wendell Wilkie lose the 1940 U.S. Presidential race?

Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S Truman
Andrew Johnson
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Which castaway on TV's Gilligan's Island once had the surname "Wentworth"?

The Professor
Mary Ann
Mrs. Howell
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Chainsaw-wielding singer Wendy O. Williams was the lead singer for what punk rock band?

The Plasmatics
The Cramps
The Runaways
The Slits