5 Questions: Stories

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What avuncular author's book of Bedtime Stories has been featured in doctor and dentists office waiting rooms since the 1950s?

Uncle Max
Uncle Andy
Uncle Arthur
Uncle Stanley
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What actor portrayed Jesus Christ in the 1965 epic film The Greatest Story Ever Told?

Alec Guinness
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Rex Harrison
Max von Sydow
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What U.K. hit by Hot Chocolate did American band Stories take to Number One on the U.S. Billboard Pop Chart in 1973?

You Sexy Thing
Every 1's a Winner
Brother Louie
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"Here's the story of a lovely lady" is the first line of the theme song for what TV sitcom?

The Brady Bunch
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
That Girl
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What kidnapping victim shared the details of her 2002 abduction in her 2013 memoir My Story?

Jaycee Dugard
Elizabeth Smart
Patricia Hearst
Natascha Kampusch