5 Questions: Types of Onions

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What singer hit #2 on the Billboard Pop Chart and earned a gold record for her 1971 version of the Leiber/Spector song "Spanish Harlem"?

Gladys Knight
Tina Turner
Roberta Flack
Aretha Franklin
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Which of the following best-selling novels earned author Pearl S.Buck a Pulitzer Prize in 1932?

The Yearling
The Good Earth
The Age of Innocence
So Big
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In what body of water is the so-called Bermuda Triangle located?

Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Arctic Ocean
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What actor played the superhero title character in the 2011 film Green Lantern?

Ryan Reynolds
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Evans
James McAvoy
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What musical symbol is part of the logo for Sweet 'N Low artificial sweetener?

Treble clef
Eighth note