5 Questions: "Seed" Spitting

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What was the first professional sport to use the term "seed" to describe the preliminary rankings of the players?

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What rock band took their name from the inventor of the mechanical seed drill?

Uriah Heep
Alice Cooper
Jethro Tull
Max Webster
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Consuming which of the following edible seeds can result in a false positive on a drug test?

Poppy seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds
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What child actress played angelic-looking Rhoda, who casually killed her classmate for his penmanship medal, in the 1956 film The Bad Seed?

Carol Lynley
Lauren Chapin
Angela Cartwright
Patty McCormack
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According to legend, the hat that pioneer nurseryman Johnny Appleseed wore was made of what material?

Raccoon fur
Tree bark