5 Questions: Telling "Tails"

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What group hit Number One on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1988 with "Kokomo", a song written for the Tom Cruise film Cocktail?

The Fabulous Thunderbirds
The Georgia Satellites
The Beach Boys
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What exactly was the Pussycat Swallowtail that Lord Beasley was hoping to find on a classic episode of TV's Gilligan's Island?

A bird
A butterfly
A shellfish
A flower
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"Peter Cottontail" is the name of a rabbit who features in a series of childrens' stories by what author?

Beatrix Potter
Rudyard Kipling
Thornton Burgess
A.A. Milne
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What traditional Christmas carol mentions a "bobtail" horse in the lyrics?

Jingle Bells
Sleigh Ride
Joy to the World
Silver Bells
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Where in your bedroom would you most likely find a dovetail joint?

In the mattress box spring
In the chest of drawers
In the mirror frame
In the closet