5 Questions: "Kettle" Corn

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"Well, here's another nice kettle of fish you've pickled me in!" was a variation on the constant refrain uttered on film by a member of what comedy troupe?

Laurel and Hardy
The Three Stooges
The Marx Brothers
Abbott and Costello
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Which of the following types of drum is also commonly referred to as a "kettle drum"?

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What character actress nabbed a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award nomination for her role as Ma Kettle in the long-running series of Ma and Pa Kettle films?

Joan Blondell
Marjorie Main
Charlotte Greenwood
Mary Wickes
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The "pot calling the kettle 'black'" idiom is said to have been coined in the novel Don Quixote, written by what author?

Alexandre Dumas
Anthony Hope
John Hersey
Miguel de Cervantes
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"...but the kettle's on the boil, and we're so easily called away" is a line from what Number One single by Paul McCartney?

Listen to What the Man Said
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
My Love
Silly Love Songs