Wisdom of "Solomon"

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The plant known as Solomon's Seal is most closely related to which of the following flowers?

Lily of the Valley
Bachelor's Button
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In the DC Comics universe, zombie supervillain Solomon Grundy was originally introduced in 1944 as an enemy of what superhero?

Green Lantern
Iron Man
Green Arrow
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Actor Ernie Hudson played an intellectually disabled character named Solomon who ultimately saved the main characters in which of the following films?

Basic Instinct
Pacific Heights
Single White Female
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
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What author read passages from her novel Song of Solomon to a handful of invited guests during the 1997 Lifetime TV special Dinner with Oprah?

Maya Angelou
Alice Walker
Toni Morrison
Ntozake Shange
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The Solomon Islands are located in what body of water?

Adriatic Sea
Pacific Ocean
Arctic Sea
Indian Ocean