5 Questions: Easy "Ryder"

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The Ryder Cup is a trophy awarded biennially to winners competing in what professional sport?

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In what film did Winona Ryder co-star with her then-fiance Johnny Depp?

Edward Scissorhands
Dark Shadows
Benny & Joon
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Which of the following "devilish" songs was a Top 10 hit for Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels?

(You're the) Devil in Disguise
Sympathy for the Devil
Devil with a Blue Dress On
Runnin' with the Devil
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A Red Ryder Carbine Action air rifle with a compass in the stock figures prominently in what holiday film?

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
A Christmas Story
Jingle All the Way
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Jeremy Irons portrayed Army captain Charles Ryder in what British television series based on an Evelyn Waugh novel?

Upstairs, Downstairs
Brideshead Revisited
The Pallisers
The Duchess of Duke Street