5 Questions: Elephant Parts

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In what film did Judy Garland sing the show biz opus "Born in a Trunk"?

Meet Me in St. Louis
A Star is Born
Ziegfeld Girl
Summer Stock
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What kidnapping victim had his right ear cut off and mailed to a newspaper by his captors as "proof" that he was being held hostage?

John Paul Getty III
George Weyerhaeuser
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Freddy Heineken
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What breed of domestic cat is known for having no tail?

Maine Coon
Scottish Fold
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What band's 1979 Top 10 single "Tusk" featured accompaniment by the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band?

The Doobie Brothers
Fleetwood Mac
Cheap Trick
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What does an accountant do when he "foots"?

Makes questionable income tax deductions
Writes off bad debts
Bounces a check
Adds a column of numbers