5 Questions: What's the "Hook"?

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Which of the following public services would be most likely to use a hook and ladder truck?

Fire department
Electric company
Water and sewage
Animal control
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What magazine is mentioned in the title of a 1972 Top 10 hit by Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show?

Rolling Stone
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What U.S. President was nicknamed "Old Kinderhook", based on his Columbia County, New York, birthplace?

Millard Fillmore
Martin Van Buren
Franklin Pierce
John Tyler
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Who starred as a former plainclothes Los Angeles police detective who donned a uniform and went back on patrol on the TV series T.J. Hooker?

David Hasselhoff
Tom Selleck
Lee Horsley
William Shatner
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What actor/comedian played an adult Peter Pan in the 1991 Steven Spielberg film Hook?

Billy Crystal
Robin Williams
Bill Murray
Jim Carrey