5 Questions: State of "Being"

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"With all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one" is a philosophy described by which of the following eponymous laws?

Ockham's Razor
The Peter Principle
Murphy's Law
The Doppler Effect
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What playwright authored the farcical comedy The Importance of Being Earnest?

Henrik Ibsen
George Bernard Shaw
Anton Chekhov
Oscar Wilde
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What actor played a puppeteer who found a portal into the mind of John Malkovich in the 1999 film Being John Malkovich?

Kevin Spacey
John Cusack
Edward Norton
Matt Damon
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What artist made it to Number 2 on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1981 with "Being with You"?

Marvin Gaye
Lionel Richie
Smokey Robinson
Ray Parker Jr.
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What was the setting for the long-running BBC comedy series Are You Being Served?

A restaurant
A department store
A cruise ship
A neighborhood pub