5 Questions: House of Cards

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What product sold by the William Underwood Company bears the oldest registered trademark for a prepackaged food still in use in the United States on its label?

Whole kernel corn
Baked beans
Deviled ham
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Which of the following was one of Saturday Night Live cast member Garrett Morris' signature characters?

Chico Escuela
Father Guido Sarducci
Land Shark
Nick the Lounge Singer
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What U.S. Secretary of State won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, awarded in part due to his efforts in the peace accords to end the Vietnam War?

Alexander Haig
George Schultz
Henry Kissinger
Cyrus Vance
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Which of the following Stevie Nicks compositions was a Top 10 single released from Fleetwood Mac's 1979 Tusk album?

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What was the name of the 2004 film that Kevin Spacey co-wrote, directed and starred in that was based on the life of singer Bobby Darin?

Dream Lover
Beyond the Sea
Splish Splash