Office Space

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What is the nickname of WWE professional wrestler Ric Flair?

8th Wonder of the World
Bad Guy
One Man Gang
Nature Boy
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Milton the Toaster advertised what product in a series of TV commercials during the 1970s?

Eggo waffles
Toaster Strudel
Thomas' English Muffins
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Besides Michael Bolton, what other singer hit Number One on the Billboard Pop Chart with the song "When a Man Loves a Woman"?

Otis Redding
Al Green
Percy Sledge
Wilson Pickett
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What actress portrayed the sweater-wearing Joanna Loudon (wife of "How To" author Dick Loudon) on the TV sitcom Newhart?

Joanna Kerns
Meredith Baxter
Mary Frann
Judith Light
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What was the entree included in the very first frozen TV dinner, as marketed by the Swanson company?

Macaroni and cheese
Fried chicken