5 Questions: On the "Job"

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What group hit Number One in 1958 with one of the most well-known doo-wop songs of all time, "Get a Job"?

The Silhouettes
The Champs
The Platters
The Monotones
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Top Job All-Purpose Cleaner (with ammonia) was merged with what more popular Procter & Gamble product line in 1994?

Formula 409
Janitor in a Drum
Mr, Clean
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Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey starred as herself in what short-lived sitcom which poked fun at her nose job?

Stark Raving Mad
It's Like, You Know...
Side Order of Life
Oh Baby
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Steve Jobs was the co-founder and former CEO of what tech company?

Texas Instruments
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Oddjob was a deadly henchman who played a major role in which James Bond film?

From Russia with Love
The Living Daylights
Live and Let Die