5 Questions: Scary Movie

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What Fox-TV series did Keenen Ivory Wayans co-create and star in shortly after the fledgling network first went on the air?

House of Buggin'
Totally Hidden Video
Pure Insanity!
In Living Color
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The iconic red and white colors found on the labels of Campbell's soup cans were inspired by what Ivy League school's official colors?

Dartmouth College
Cornell University
University of Pennsylvania
Princeton University
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Zola Budd, the long-distance runner who was accused of tripping Mary Decker at the 1984 Olympics, competed on a hastily arranged British passport but was actually born in what country?

North Korea
South Africa
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Actress/singer/dancer Carmen Miranda was known for what trademark item of apparel?

Fruit hat
Live snake necklace
Form-fitting capri pants
Grass skirt
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Freddie Prinze Jr. starred in which of the following "slasher" films?

Urban Legend
Silent Night, Deadly Night
I Know What You Did Last Summer