5 Questions: Psycho

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"Marion" was the real first name of what tough-guy actor?

Clint Eastwood
Charles Bronson
John Wayne
Lee Marvin
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Artist Norman Rockwell created illustrations for the cover of what magazine for almost 50 years?

National Geographic
Saturday Evening Post
Harper's Bazaar
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What actress portrayed a police officer who kidnapped a quintuplet in the 1987 black comedy film Raising Arizona?

Jami Gertz
Holly Hunter
Meg Ryan
Susan Sarandon
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What New Wave band had a minor hit in 1977 with the single "Psycho Killer"?

Talking Heads
Generation X
Dead Boys
The Jam
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Which of the following was Dr. Frasier Crane's catchphrase that he regularly used on his radio call-in show on the TV sitcom Frasier?

If you can feel, I can heal.
You're on the couch.
Put your head in my hands.
I'm listening.