5 Questions: Kismet

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According to a long-running mail order record TV commercial, which of the following familiar songs was based on the Polovtsian Dance #2 by Borodin?

Full Moon and Empty Arms
Stranger in Paradise
Tonight We Love
Rhapsody in Blue
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Olive Tree is a company that produces software and mobile apps for what type of publication?

World Almanac
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In what animated Disney film was a magic lamp found in the Cave of Wonders?

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What hit single by the Bangles was written by Prince?

Manic Monday
Walk Like an Egyptian
Eternal Flame
A Hazy Shade of Winter
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What frequent TV game show panelist, known for his spontaneous rhymes, was known as the Poet Laureate of Television?

Charles Nelson Reilly
Scoey Mitchell
Orson Bean
Nipsey Russell