5 Questions: "Clap" Your Hands

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Which of the following U.S. Historical Monuments features a clapper that weighs almost 45 pounds?

Mount Rushmore
The Statue of Liberty
The Washington Monument
The Liberty Bell
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When the Beatles played the Royal Variety Show in 1963 (with the Queen Mother in the audience), John Lennon asked the folks in the cheap seats to clap their hands, and the rest of the crowd to do what?

Rattle their jewelry
Sit still
Throw money
Sip champagne
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What sexually transmitted disease is often referred to as "the Clap"?

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What Canadian band had a Top 10 U.S. hit in 1974 with "Clap for the Wolfman"?

The Stampeders
April Wine
The Guess Who
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
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Which of the following job titles is the equivalent of a "Clapper Loader" in the U.S. film industry?

Key Grip
Focus Puller
Second Assistant Camera
Best Boy