5 Questions: Swans a-Swimming

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What actress portrayed Lily, the rival dancer who slipped Natalie Portman a tab of Ecstasy in the 2010 film The Black Swan?

Sarah Hyland
Eliza Dushku
Mila Kunis
Jessica Alba
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What U.S. Olympic swimmer won seven gold medals at the 1972 Games and was featured on a famous poster wearing his medals and a star-spangled Speedo?

Mark Spitz
Michael Phelps
John Naber
Johnny Weismuller
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Which of the following authors is credited with writing "The Ugly Duckling", the story of a homely hatchling who grows up to be a beautiful swan?

The Brothers Grimm
Mother Goose
Hans Christian Andersen
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The husband of what blonde bombshell actress personally built a pink-tiled heart-shaped swimming pool to complement their "Pink Palace" Hollywood mansion?

Marilyn Monroe
Jayne Mansfield
Mamie Van Doren
Diana Dors
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What rock band launched the Swan Song record label in 1974?

Led Zeppelin
Deep Purple