5 Questions: "Call"ing Birds

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What punk band's 1979 album London Calling eventually earned platinum status in both the U.K. and the U.S.?

The Ramones
The Clash
Joy Division
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Which of the following leafy greens is the main ingredient in the popular Caribbean dish known as Callaloo?

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Callie Shaw is a recurring character in what long-running young adult book series?

The Hardy Boys
The Bobbsey Twins
Nancy Drew
The Happy Hollisters
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What madam was arrested in 1994 for providing high-priced call girls to a number of Hollywood celebrities, including Charlie Sheen?

Kristin Davis
Xaviera Hollander
Heidi Fleiss
Sydney Barrow Biddles
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What actress starred as the angst-ridden teen Angela Chase in the TV drama series My So-Called Life?

Calista Flockhart
Sarah Jessica Parker
Rachel McAdams
Claire Danes