5 Questions: French Hens

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Mr. French was Uncle Bill's "gentleman's gentleman" on what TV sitcom?

Family Affair
Family Ties
Family Matters
All in the Family
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Which of the following artists had the only all-French language Number One single ("Dominique") on the U.S. Billboard pop chart?

Mrs. Miller
The Singing Nun
Napoleon XIV
Little Peggy March
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Which of the following fast food chains was the first to offer French fries on their menu?

Burger King
White Castle
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Which of the following events is the U.S. equivalent to a U.K. "hen night"?

Baby shower
Bridal shower
Bachelorette party
Sweet sixteen party
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Which of the following quotations is taken from the classic folk tale "Henny Penny"?

"Fee, fi, fo, fum"
"The sky is falling!"
"Mirror, mirror on the wall"
"I'll huff and I'll puff"