5 Questions: "Lem"my Kilmister

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Which of the following products would you find for sale at a Lululemon store?

Raw juice smoothies
Yoga pants
Hair extensions
Replica perfumes and colognes
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Mario Lemieux led what NHL team to two consecutive Stanley Cup wins?

Montreal Canadiens
New York Rangers
Toronto Maple Leafs
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Which of the following mathematical symbols is technically called a "lemniscate"?

Square root
Lesser than
Plus or minus
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Which of the following songs was a 1968 Number One hit in the U.S. for the Lemon Pipers?

Green Tambourine
Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)
Little Green Apples
Mony Mony
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What pseudonym did Jack Lemmon adopt when he dressed as a woman in the 1959 film comedy Some Like It Hot?