5 Questions: David Bowie

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What is the name of the dog belonging to Tom Wilson's bald barefoot comic strip character Ziggy?

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What Golden Globe-winning actress made her film debut as "Pretty Girl on Train" in Woody Allen's 1980 comedy-drama Stardust Memories?

Charlize Theron
Michelle Pfeiffer
Sharon Stone
Cameron Diaz
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War's 1975 Top 10 single "Low Rider" was used as the theme song for what TV sitcom?

The Steve Harvey Show
George Lopez
Still Standing
Grounded for Life
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"All the world's a stage" is the opening line from a monolog in which of William Shakespeare's plays?

As You Like It
Twelfth Night
Much Ado About Nothing
The Comedy of Errors
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Which of the following iconic pin-up models was once married to Big Band leader/trumpeter Harry James?

Jane Russell
Rita Hayworth
Lauren Bacall
Betty Grable