5 Questions: Popeye

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Which of the following British actors was one of the original performers on the BBC comedy program The Goon Show?

David Niven
Peter Sellers
Peter Finch
Patrick Macnee
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What singer hit the Top 10 in the U.S. (and Number One in Canada) with the bubblegum pop single "Sweet Pea"?

Tommy James
Joey Dee
Tommy Roe
Bobby Vee
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What breed of dog was "Brutus" in the 1966 Walt Disney film The Ugly Dachshund?

Great Dane
Basset Hound
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What new advertising slogan did Jeep introduce in 2007 to promote its expanded line of 4X4 SUVs?

Have fun out there.
The truth is out there.
Be careful out there.
Put yourself out there.
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Which of the following cocktails is traditionally garnished with a green olive?

Old Fashioned