5 Questions: Not Dangerous

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The scoring play called a "safety" in American football goes by what name in the Canadian version of the game?

Safety bump
Safety check
Safety touch
Safety post
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What television personality hosted a two-hour prime time TV special in 1986 dedicated to the opening of a secret safe once owned by gangster Al Capone?

Oprah Winfrey
Barbara Walters
Geraldo Rivera
Phil Donahue
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Men Without Hats' 1983 hit single "The Safety Dance" was written after the lead singer was ejected from a club for engaging in what then-popular punk-style dance?

Cabbage patch
The Worm
The Sprinkler
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Who played the evil dentist who tortured Dustin Hoffman with a dental drill while asking him "Is it safe?" in the 1976 film Marathon Man?

Laurence Olivier
John Gielgud
Richard Burton
Albert Finney
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What future Charlie's Angel smeared lather on Joe Namath's face before he scraped it off with a safety razor in a classic TV commercial for Noxema shaving cream?

Kate Jackson
Farrah Fawcett
Cheryl Ladd
Jaclyn Smith