5 Questions: Va"lent"ine

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Which of the following is an alternate term for the kitchen device properly called a "silent butler"?

Crumb catcher
Spoon rest
Salt cellar
Chafing dish
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What Mel Brooks film included a scene that featured an audibly flatulent group of men feasting on platefuls of beans?

High Anxiety
Life Stinks
History of the World, Part 1
Blazing Saddles
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What clothing brand's logo features a horn of plenty?

Fruit of the Loom
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Which of the following fraternal organizations contains the words "Benevolent" and "Protective" in its full name?

Odd Fellows
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Who was the host of the TV talent show Star Search from 1983 until 1995?

Dick Clark
Bob Barker
Hugh Downs
Ed McMahon