5 Questions: Feeling Crabby

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What actor played the role of Fiddler, the older slave who taught young Kunta Kinte to speak English in the 1977 TV mini-series Roots?

Louis Gossett, Jr.
Richard Roundtree
John Amos
Gregory Hines
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Which of the following "colorful" songs was a Number One hit in the U.S. for British Invasion band Herman's Hermits?

Tangled Up in Blue
Little Green Bag
Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
1, 2, 3 Red Light
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What U.S. prison was colloquially referred to as "The Rock"?

Rikers Island
Attica State
Sing Sing
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What is the surname of the notorious gangster known as "Flattop" in the Dick Tracy comic strip?

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Which Batman archvillain regularly carries an umbrella?

The Riddler
Mr. Freeze
The Penguin
The Mad Hatter