5 Questions: More Tartan Types

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What actress abruptly called off her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland just three days before the ceremony?

Michelle Pfeiffer
Demi Moore
Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts
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David Cameron is the current Prime Minister of what country?

The United Kingdom
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Ed Robertson is the lead singer of what band whose hits include "The Old Apartment", "Brian Wilson", and "One Week"?

Barenaked Ladies
Third Eye Blind
The Cranberries
Savage Garden
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Fashion consultant Tim Gunn is known for mentoring contestants on what TV reality series?

America's Next Top Model
Extreme Makeover
Project Runway
What Not to Wear
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In what film did Bruce Willis' character recall a childhood memory of accepting a gold watch from Christopher Walken?

Pulp Fiction
The Last Boy Scout
Hudson Hawk