5 Questions: Sam's the Man

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What single by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs sold three million copies and hit #2 on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1965?

Louie, Louie
Hang On Sloopy
96 Tears
Wooly Bully
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Senator Sam Ervin served as the Chairman of the committee that investigated what U.S. political scandal?

Iran-Contra Affair
Keating Five
Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal
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What show tune did Sam Harris make his signature song while competing on the 1980s TV talent show Star Search?

As Time Goes By
Moon River
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Some Enchanted Evening
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Playwright/screenwriter Sam Shepard fathered two children with what actress during their 30-year relationship?

Meg Ryan
Jessica Lange
Susan Sarandon
Goldie Hawn
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What two words are typically printed on vehicle mud flaps that feature the image of cartoon character Yosemite Sam?

Howdy, Pardner
Back Off
I Gotcha
What's Up?