5 Questions: Package Deal

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Steve Case was the co-founder and CEO of what early online service provider?

America Online
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What American writer/poet's only novel, The Bell Jar, was published under the pseudonym "Victoria Lucas"?

Gertrude Stein
T.S. Eliot
Sylvia Plath
Joyce Carol Oates
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The children's toy known as the jack-in-the-box typically plays what tune while the crank is turned?

Mary Had a Little Lamb
Pop Goes the Weasel
Ring Around the Rosie
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
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What cartoon character was often saved from desperate situations via his Magic Bag of Tricks?

Mighty Mouse
Tom Terrific
Crusader Rabbit
Felix the Cat
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What record store chain was famous for their wooden storage crates, each of which could hold over 100 LPs?

Sam Goody