5 Questions: "Bath" Time

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Which of the following performers did Barry Manilow play piano for at New York City's Continental Baths?

Bette Midler
Liza Minelli
Diana Ross
Ethel Merman
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In what body of water did William Beebe and Otis Barton make their 1934 record-setting 3,028 foot dive in a bathysphere?

Mediterranean Sea
Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Adriatic Sea
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What Sesame Street character loved to take bubble baths with his treasured rubber duckie?

Big Bird
Oscar the Grouch
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What Academy Award-winning actress played an alcoholic mother whose daughters drugged and drowned her in the bathtub in the 2014 film Perfect Sisters?

Jessica Lange
Helen Hunt
Kim Basinger
Mira Sorvino
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Bath Consolidated School, which was the site of a tragic 1927 bombing by a disgruntled employee that killed 45 people, was located in what U.S. state?