5 Questions: For "Sav"vy Readers

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What Cheers cast member had a cameo  role as pathfinder Captain Fred Hamill in the 1998 film drama Saving Private Ryan?

Woody Harrelson
Kelsey Grammer
Ted Danson
John Ratzenberger
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Traditionally when a food item or dish is described as "savory", it means which of the following?

It is not sweet
It contains nuts
It is  very spicy
It is smooth or creamy in texture
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The central London street known as Savile Row is famous for being lined with what type of businesses?

Tailor shops
Strip clubs
Publishing houses
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The French-Canadian mouse known as Savoir Faire was the arch-enemy of what cartoon character?

Tennessee Tuxedo
Secret Squirrel
Klondike Kat
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What group mentioned hot spots like the Savoy and Studio 54 in their 1978 Number One hit single "Le Freak"?

A Taste of Honey
The Trammps