5 Questions: Don or Donna

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What actor played Don Corleone as a young man in The Godfather Part II?

John Cazale
Robert DeNiro
Ray Liotta
Andy Garcia
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On what prime time TV soap did Donna Reed temporarily replace series regular Barbara Bel Geddes?

Falcon Crest
Knots Landing
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What British poet wrote a satirical epic based on the life of Don Juan?

Lord Byron
Robert Burns
John Keats
William Blake
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Donna Summer hit Number One in 1978 with her version of "MacArthur Park"; what artist took the original version of that song to #2 in 1968?

Paul Mauriat
Bobby Goldsboro
Richard Harris
Mason Williams
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Cartoonist Don Martin was famous for his big-nosed, hinged-foot characters which regularly appeared in what magazine from 1956 until 1988?

Saturday Evening Post
The New Yorker