5 Questions: Be "Hand"y

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Which cast member of TV's Laugh-In used to regularly smack Arte "Dirty Old Man" Johnson with her handbag in a recurring sketch?

Goldie Hawn
Jo Anne Worley
Ruth Buzzi
Judy Carne
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"I'm holding you so tight, you know you could've been a handle" sang what Motown group in the 1964 Top 20 single "The Way You Do the Things You Do"?

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
The Four Tops
The Supremes
The Temptations
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Which member of Britain's Royal Family was present for the official Handover Ceremony in 1997 which transferred the sovereignty of Hong Kong from the U.K. to China?

Queen Elizabeth
Prince Charles
Princess Anne
Prince Philip
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To whom was escaped prisoner Sidney Poitier handcuffed in the 1958 film noir The Defiant Ones?

Tony Curtis
Charlton Heston
Paul Newman
Gregory Peck
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Humorist Jack Handey was the writer responsible for what recurring Saturday Night Live sketch?

Coffee Talk
Deep Thoughts
Mr. Bill
Daily Affirmation