5 Questions: What a Zoo

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What actor played a CIA analyst who returned from picking up lunch one day to find his six co-workers murdered in the 1975 political thriller Three Days of the Condor?

Ryan O'Neal
Robert Redford
Roy Scheider
Robert Duvall
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A pair of round plastic tortoise shell eyeglasses was a major clue that led to the capture of what infamous murderer?

Ed Gein
Drew Peterson
David Berkowitz
Nathan Leopold
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What was the name of the bear that Dan Haggerty's character raised from a cub on the TV series The Life and Time of Grizzly Adams?

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Which of the following protest slogans was the title of a spoken-word record released by musician/poet Gil Scott-Heron in 1971?

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
What if They Gave a War and No One Came?
War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things
A Single Spark Can Set a Prairie Fire
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Kultida Punsawad, mother of U.S. champion professional golfer Tiger Woods, was born in what country?