5 Questions: Thistle Make You Listen

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The 1970 film They Call Me Mister Tibbs, starring Sidney Poitier, was a sequel to what 1967 movie?

Pressure Point
In the Heat of the Night
To Sir, with Love
A Raisin in the Sun
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In which of the following might you find a pistil?

A pharmacy
An auto repair shop
A flower
A cat's eye
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What perky actress starred as Sister Bertrille, who often took to the air thanks to her low body weight and starched headdress on the TV sitcom The Flying Nun?

Sally Field
Sandy Duncan
Debbie Reynolds
Karen Valentine
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What artist's painting "Girl with a Mandolin" was an early example of the Cubist movement?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Claude Monet
Marcel Duchamp
Pablo Picasso
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Which of the following "twist" songs was NOT a Top 40 single recorded by Chubby Checker?

Let's Twist Again
Twist It Up
Peppermint Twist
Slow Twisting