5 Questions: The Family

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What was the name of the Winslow daughter (played by Jamiee Foxworth) who was written out of the TV series Family Matters after four seasons?

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Who was the first member of England's Royal Family to compete in the Summer Olympic Games?

Prince Philip
Prince Andrew
Princess Margaret
Princess Anne
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What member of the notorious Manson Family was denied parole by Governor Jerry Brown in July 2016, despite the Parole Board's recommendation?

Patricia Krenwinkle
Bobby Beausoliel
Leslie Van Houten
Charles Watson
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What Major League Baseball team used Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" as their theme song during the 1979 season?

Baltimore Orioles
Pittsburgh Pirates
Montreal Expos
Cincinnati Reds
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What Taxi cast member portrayed Uncle Fester in the 1991 film version of The Addams Family?

Danny DeVito
Judd Hirsch
Jeff Conaway
Christopher Lloyd